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1. About ProEvent Qatar

Tillakaratne Dilshan: I think they are really good. They organized this event bringing all the stars together. They have young cricketers in their team and are doing a great job. I wish ProEvent all the very best for future tournaments.

2. Mo?

TD: Mo thank you very much for bringing us here to this great Qatar tournament. You are doing a great job for the future of cricket. Thank you for your efforts.

3. Your views about Qatar tournament

TD: I came for the first time to play here in Qatar. It’s a wonderful tournament. It is our first game today and I am enjoying my time here in Qatar. The Qatar team is really good and I think this is good for them to learn from this experience. If they keep playing good cricket in future they could make the ICC membership.

4. Plan after Retirement?

TD: I think it’s a really good thing that we come and play here; we share a lot of experience after playing cricket for the last 20 years or so at international level and we meet a lot of old friends from different countries. I am very happy to help, especially to help grow Asian cricket and to share my experience with these young guys.

5. Would you ever want to be a batting coach for a PSL franchise?

TD: I have not thought about it so far but if they want me to be there then I will definitely think about it as I have many friends in Pakistan like SAEED AJMAL. We have played together in many different leagues

6. ICA assisting players?

TD: ICA is doing a great job when it comes to assisting players. They are in contact with a lot of players around the world (Past, present, future) cricketers and organizing this kind of event is what they are best at. I wish them the very best for the future and may they succeed in bringing this kind of tournament to every Country.


TD: So far it has been really good. They are providing everything they promised to us and on time. I am very happy that they have done such a great job and one that is improving every single year.

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