ICA Academy International Tour - Pakistan & UAE

The International Cricketers Association (ICA) is committed to improving the lot of cricket and cricketers everywhere. One of ICA’s projects is the ICA Academy, set up in 2017, to give talented and deserving youngsters, mostly from the Asian community, a means to improve their game. In a landmark development, a team, of young academy players, is traveling to Pakistan to play a number of matches in Faisalabad, Sargodha and Azad Kashmir.

The team, of young players, will arrive in Lahore on March 4th, before spending sometime in Dubai at ICC Cricket Academy and watch matches of the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL). After training and practice at National Cricket Academy (NCA) Lahore, ICA Acadmey will leave for Faislabad and Sargodha to play against Saeed Ajmal cricket academy and Mohammad Salman academy. ICA academy outfit will then travel to Azad Kashmir to play a match against the local team at the Mirpur stadium.

This valuable experience will not only provide the lads with a valuable experience but it will also help them understand the ground situation in Pakistan.

The chairman of the ICA, Moghees Ahmed believes that this tour will help promoting the soft image of Pakistan as well.

Our paramount aim is to provide cricket education to the young players but after returning they will act as Pakistan’s goodwill ambassadors too, Moghees Ahmed said

ICA Academy International Tour

The players will also tour the National Cricket Academy (NCA) in Lahore to experience the top class cricketing facility.

This is the first step and I hope more teams will visit in future and play in other parts of Pakistan as well, Moghees Ahmed concluded

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