ICA in Italy and Europe
The International Cricketers Association is proud to announce its partnership with the Italian Cricket Federation to form ICA Italy. Representatives of the two bodies, Mo Ahmed of ICA and Fabio Marabini, chairman of the Italian Cricket Board, met at the St James Court hotel in London on 21 June, to ratify the alliance.
ICA Italy is set to stage its first T20 match on Sunday 13 August when an International Cricketers XI, comprising famous cricketers like Pakistan’s Saeed Ajmal and Aamir Sohail, as well as England’s Simon Jones and Sajid Mahmood, will play against an Italy XI. A gala dinner, with VIP guests as well as legendary cricketers in attendance, will be held the previous evening on 12 August.
The initiative has been welcomed by Fabio Marabini, chairman of the Italian Cricket Board and all-round sportsman and cricketer.
Marabini said

In Italy, we are working for the game’s growth and developmentThe ICXI’s visit will give all Italian fans the opportunity to see the best international stars perform and have fun on our grounds. It is an exciting prospect.

The match will help to establish ICA Italy as a body committed to supporting cricket in the country which it aims to do through a series of coaching initiatives and masterclasses.
The match in Italy adds to ICA’s influence overseas. Based in the UK, it has either played matches or helped to supply players for games as far afield as Norway, Germany, USA and Qatar.

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ICA in Italy and Europe